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Why have I backed Pebble Time?

News! Awesome news! Pebble, the best smart watch maker in the world, announced new version of the watch yesterday. The name Time perfectly fits and I am proud and happy to be one of the first (thousands) backers.

I've been very interested in Pebble since their announcement on Kickstarter in 2012. I wanted to back Pebble back then but was not convinced enough. Two years later I caught myself browsing Pebble's web and hitting Buy button for basic black watch.

They arrived and I happily used them for few weeks. Then display died. I was sad so I asked Pebble what to do about it and the result was new replacement watch in a week on my hand. Awesome customer care, thank you Pebble!

Snímek z 2015-02-24 23:02:32

And here we are at the dawn of the year 2015 and I am finally backing their cool new product again on Kickstarter (Back to the roooots!) and I can't wait till May when they plan to start shipping Pebble Time. I don't need new watch, sure, but they hit the right note - color display, thinner design, new UI, possible hardware extensions... I was not thinking a single minute of switching to Android Wear from my Pebble a single minute and similarly, it took me a minute to figure out I'll back new Pebble Time. And from the numbers at Kickstarter, I was not the only one.